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Posture Corrector Belt

Posture Corrector Belt

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- Made of neoprene, elastic grid cloth which make it durable, breathable and comfortable to wear.
- Body Reshape: The posture corrector give you the strong support to your back waist and shoulder, it's quite suitable for both teenager and adult to prevent hunchback.
- Easy to Use: Two adjustable straps, easy to adjust the size to fit most people in the mean time giving a strong support to arms.
- Injury Recovery: It gives compression to your back, shoulder, arm, helpful to recovery from injury and pain.
- This posture corrector offer both compression and support to the upper and lower back (lumbar).
- Within the neoprene back panel there are 2 high quality plastic supports/stays. It can be used during gym and sporting activities.

How to Use:
1. Wearing it for 2-3 hours and then take the belt off. Give a gap of 2-3 hours and then put it on again. Repeat the process.
2. Don't just rely on the belt completely to improve the posture. Weak muscles can be improved with focused exercise and stretch routines. Exercises can be done with or without having the belt on.

1. Material: Woven Silicon/Elastic Carbon Fabric/Neoprene Gel/Nylon Fiber
2. Size: Free
3. Colour: Black
4. Package weight: 181g
5. Package: PP Package

Package List:
1 x Posture Corrector Corset

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